College of Engineering

Engineering Consultant Bureau (ECB)
Aug. 12, 2021, 10:40 p.m.

  • The Engineering Consultant Bureau was established in 1996 with the goals of providing consultant engineering, financial and management assistance to governmental and private in situation on entities. Multidisciplinary engineering team of academic experts and support the consultant service of this bureau.

  • The Engineering Consultant Bureau provide consultancy-engineering work for local schemes and projects relying on the experts senior academic staff with the help of our partners in the order as hereunder:

    • Provide detailed design of the project via reliable engineering groups.
    • Carrying out feasibility study and basic budgets for projects.
    • Release the tenders complying with legal technical conditions.
    • Mange and supervising of project
    • Professional training workshops for engineers.

    Engineering Fields

    The Engineering Consultant Bureau is handling the projects dealing with different engineering disciplines which cover, structural design, water supply and sewerage, water management, geotechnical works, architectural, plans, power engineering, telecommunicate and computer engineering projects, mechanical engineering works, survey engineering services. All engineering departments involved in Bureau engineering works.

  • Examples of projects completed by the ECB:

    • Design of Water Treatment plant of (Eiteet, Breifka Settlement, Zakho, Aqra, Amedy, Chamchamal, Sihelah, Bakerman)
    • Design of Culture Center Building in Koya University.
    • Design of Traffic Crossing between Kurdistan Bridge and Danial Meteran Street.
    • Design of Zakho Mall Building.
    • Study of Feeding Duhok Dam with water from Tigris project.
    • Redesign of Mosul hospital building.
    • Feasibility study for many local factories.
    • Preparation of soil investigation for more than 900 buildings in Kurdistan Region.
    • Design of Piles bearing capacity for Kurdistan Cross Project.
    • Design for three industrial complex in Duhok – Sulaiymaniyah – Erbil.
    • Redesign of Mechanical Systems and Plumping of International Congress Center at University of Duhok (UOD).
    • Rehabitation of Mosul Hospital (12/1/2019) for GIZ.
    • Design of Faida Wastewater Treatment Plant.
    • Soil investigation for ACTED organization (27/1/2019).
  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Assistant Professor Dr. James Hasado Haido
    Phone: +964 750 450 3573


    Bureau Director: Dr.Najdat Sabri Abdul-Khaliq
    Phone: +964 750 480 5109


    Bureau Contact Email:

Board of the Engineering Consultant Bureau

Board President

                                        James Hassado Haido
James Hassado Haido Dean of the College of Engineering
Director of the Bureau

                                        Najdat Sabri Abdulkhaliq
Najdat Sabri Abdulkhaliq Director of the Engineering Consultant Bureau
Assistant Professor
Board Members

                                        Bahzad Mohammad Ali Noori
Bahzad Mohammad Ali Noori

                                        Sarhat Mustafa Adam
Sarhat Mustafa Adam Director of the Directorate of Quality Assurance at UoD
Assistant Professor

                                        Kadhim Fathel Khalil
Kadhim Fathel Khalil None
Assistant Professor

                                        Nashwan Shawkat Mahmood
Nashwan Shawkat Mahmood
Assistant Professor

                                        Sherzad Tahseen Tahir
Sherzad Tahseen Tahir

                                        Jihan Mahmood Qasim
Jihan Mahmood Qasim