The Directorate of the Accommodation was established in 1998 as a section and in 2004 it became a directorate. It is located on Zakho Street 38, 1000 AJ Duhok, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.
UoD Accommodation buildings 

There are two types of Accommodation

  1.  The Governmental Buildings.
    - There are 13 governmental buildings, 10 buildings for female students and 3 buildings for male students.
  2.  Privet Sector Buildings. 
    - They are 27 privet sector buildings, 6 buildings for female students and 21 buildings for male students.

The numbers of the UoD students who live in the Accommodation for the academic year 2011 - 2012 are 2,380 students, including 780 female students and 1600 male students 


  1.  Provide oil to the students during the study period.

  2. Provide water, electricity and all the requirements for life to the students