College of Engineering

Research Center
Nov. 1, 2019, 7:24 p.m.

This center serves as a development key of various engineering researches with taking into account the solution of local engineering problems and economy. Thus the research center excels in motivation and construct a platform for strong research in the College regarding all subareas of engineering like electrical, computer, civil, water resources, mechanical and architectural. The public service will be considered in research in complying with the mission of the College of Engineering. The center will contribute to the development in Kurdistan Region and especially in Duhok city with respect to the engineering research that help in engineering solutions, eco-technology and engineering economy.

The mission of the research center is to inform scientific research policy and promote the College through a firm comprehension of research endeavor and its effect on the College of Engineering students.

We achieve this mission by:


  1. Providing the resources and tools that use in proposed research works at our College with considering the benefit of local public and economy.
  2. Working in collaboration with the engineering departments in our College for improving scientific discussion of novel published researches that may build ideas for strong and ideal future studies.
  3. Motivate the postgraduate and senior undergraduate students to work on suitable research methodology that provide good material for publication in high ranking peer reviewed journals.
  4. Encourage the engagement between the college researches and local public or private institutions by involving them in research funding.