Postgraduate Studies

The graduate study program was launched in 1996. This originally small program is an important priority to the University of Duhok and now covers many specializations.

The main objectives of the program are to explore solutions, update the knowledge of the existing college, and ensure future academic staff for the University of Duhok and other academic institutions in Iraqi Kurdistan and all Iraq. Our primary concern is making sure we meet the highest quality demand for each specialized subject.

Flexible programs have been designed to enable our university to execute mutual programs with international universities and research centers. Within these programs, we can exchange knowledge, students, and researchers through visiting or distance programs. To ensure successful results, only students who can present capability and background knowledge will be granted admittance for these programs.


Ph.D. Degree Programs

The Doctoral degree program began in the academic years 1998-1999. An applicant should have a MA or MS degree and all candidates must pass a specialist examination in order to register. The program consists of three or four semesters of advanced courses culminating with written examinations. Upon completion of the courses and examinations, the student do research in their specialized field for at least two years and submit a thesis to be evaluated by an academic committee.