Academic Staff

                                        MAKNOON MOHAMMEDTAHIR MUQDAD
Assistant Professor
Modern Literature
    • PhD: Salahadin University: Iraq: 2020
    • MSc: Duhok University: Iraq: 2010
    • BSc: Duhok University: Iraq: 2006-2007
  • 1/ The place in the Kurdish play Mmi Alan as a model

    2/ The event in the Kurdish play (the voice of the mother) as a model

    3/ The dramatic monologue technique in the poem (O water, water) flying tread

    4/ Some of the legendary aspects in the poems of Latif Helmat

    5/ The role of the dramatic dialogue in determining the time and place in the Kurdish Hiranok

    6/ Functions of dramatic dialogue in fixing the Kurdish content of Hiranok

    1. literary text/ first year
    2. scientific debate/first year.
    3. kurdology/ first year
    4. history of drama/ first year/ college of arts.
    5. Kurdish dialects/ second year
    6. history of drama/ second year/ college of arts.
    7. modern literature/ third year
    8. contemporary literature/ third year
    9. history of drama/ third year/ college of arts.
    10. drama/ fourth year

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