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The College of Education in Akre has been founded on December  14th, 2009, It is one of the colleges affiliated with the University of Duhok. The college together with other colleges in the region is committed to the task of building a new educated society. Consisting of only five departments: the Department of Arabic Language, the Department social Studies, Kurdish Language Department, English Language Department, Mathematics Science and Biology Department. The College strategy is to prepare the students educationally and scientifically with clear steps starting from the first year until they complete their study.

The College seeks to train well-qualified intermediate and secondary schools teachers through modern methods of teaching by developing their ability to access information and increasing their knowledge of their specialization. Students will acquire different educational and scientific experiences. The College will hone their skills in language sciences, educational psychology to be professional teachers in the future in such a way that will make them able to build a new society in Kurdistan. The staff and the students of the school are encouraged to participate in various extracurricular activities throughout the year gaining necessary practice in all fields.

College Degree certification 

The college offers B.A. degrees according to the specialization of undergraduate study after four years of studying in the fields of Arabic Language, Social Studies, English language, Kurdish language department and Mathematics.