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                                        Hishyar Mohammed Salih Hussein
Hishyar Mohammed Salih Hussein None
  • 2009 PhD in Pharmacology University of Duhok, Iraq
    1999 MSc in Pharmacology University of Duhok, Iraq
    1992 MBChB, Salaheddin University, Iraq

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  • Cardiovascular, CNS, and autonomic nervous Pharmacology

  • Experiences in using audio-visual facilities in the teaching process and guiding students in self-learning and motivating them to broaden their knowledge.

  • 1- High Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy (2014-2016). Diabetes Mellitus Complication among
    diabetic patients in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
    2- MSc. in Molecular biology (2015-2017). Antileukemic effects of polyphenol of local
    grapes seeds extract in Duhok governorate: in vitro study.
    3- High Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy (2016-2018). Medication Adherence and Treatment
    Satisfaction among diabetic patients in the Duhok-Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
    4- MSc. in Clinical Pharmacy (2018-2020). The clinical aspect of antidrug antibodies
    development on therapeutic responses in patients using biological disease-modifying
    anti-rheumatic drugs.
    5- MSc. in Clinical Pharmacology (2020-2023). The activity and prognostic value of
    autonomic and cardiac markers in patients with acute coronary syndrome.

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