Academic Staff

                                        Mikael Rasheed Ali
Mikael Rasheed Ali Arabic language department
Assistant Professor
Comparative jurisprudence
    1. PhD in Comparative Jurisprudence, 2012, from Iraqi University/ Baghdad.
    2. MSc in Symbol collector study and investigation, from Islamic University/ Baghdad 2007-College of Principles Fiqh.
    3. BSc from Islamic University-College of Sharea and Islamic Studies-Department of Islamic Studies- Duhok 1999-2000.
  • 1- The conclusion of the contract of financial transactions via mobile phone (mobile) in Islamic jurisprudence An analytical study

    2 - the testimony of women in the four schools - a comparative study

    3 - The concept of tolerance in civil societies in the light of Islamic jurisprudence An analytical study.

    4 - (elected in the anniversary of the birth of Prophet Muhammad pride and the Arabs Sheikh Taher bin Mohammed bin Sheikh Taher al-Shoushi (d 1926) Study and achieve

    5 - The concept of the environment in civil societies in the light of Islamic jurisprudence An analytical study.

    6 - Electronic theft and the resulting legal provisions (information from the Internet) as a model.

    7 - electronic marital infidelity and the resulting legal provisions.

    8 - the impact of Islamic education curricula in achieving the principle of social peace preparatory stage (Kurdistan) model

    9 - Negative effects of rumor on society in the light of the book and the year analytical study.

    10 - values ​​of peaceful coexistence in civil society - University of Dohuk as a model.

    11 - the sale of loyalty and its relationship with the legitimate purposes - an analytical study -

    12 - The role of the Prophet 's Mosque in building the ideal Muslim personality Analytical study of some texts of the book and the Sunnah.

    13. The role of the university in political reforms.

    14 - The purposes of the Koran in achieving security and peace in society.

    15- Terrorism and its negative effects on society - an analytical study according to Islamic perspective.

    16- Values ​​of Social Coexistence in Islamic Education Curricula (An Analytical Study of the Eighth Grade Curriculum)

    17 - the impact of tolerance on the behavior of the individual in civil society in the light of the Koran and the year An analytical study

  • In the field of Islamic law philosophy and the field of human development and self-development

  • During my teaching at the university, I:

    1- Interpretation of the Noble Qur’an 2- Sciences of the Qur’an

    3- Hadith Sciences

    4- Chordology

    5- Scientific discussion

    6- General Psychology

    7- Islamic thought

    8- Sciences of interpretation and hadith

  • Pride and humiliation, its causes and treatment, Khalil Ibrahim Abdullah, Van University, Türkiye

  • 1- He participated in the first scientific conference held by the Faculty of Science and Education / Akari with the marked research elected on the birth anniversary of our master Muhammad Fakhr Al-Ajam and Al-Arab) by Sheikh Taher Al-Shushi.

    2- He participated in the international scientific conference at the Lebanese-French University held in Erbil.

    3- Participated in the international scientific conference at the University of Duhok held by the College of Law and Political Science.

    4- Participated in the International Scientific Conference of the Iraqi Academics Union held at the College of Basic Education in Dohuk

    5- He participated in the international scientific conference, the Forum of Iraqi Universities, held at the University of Erbil.

    6- He participated in the conference held at the famous Basak University in Istanbul, Türkiye.

    7- He participated in the Second International Scientific Conference on Genocide at the University of Dohuk, held by the Bishkeji Center in Dohuk.

    8- Participated in the virtual international scientific conference held by the University of Babylon.

    9- Participated in the scientific forum held at Koya University on activating the role of women in the media.

    10- Official of the Scientific Committee at the Scientific Conference of Sheikh Taher Al-Shushi held at the College of Education Aqrah at the University of Dohuk.

    11- Participated in the international scientific conference at the University of Human Development in Sulaymaniyah, entitled Building Peaceful Coexistence in Society.

    12- Participated in the first specialized forum, drawing on documenting the crimes of extremism in Iraq: its approaches, mechanisms, and challenges) at the Abbasid Shrine in Karbala.

    13- He delivered a seminar for students at the Suez Esther Institute in Qasruk, entitled How to be an outstanding student.

    14- He gave a seminar at Khalikan Preparatory School for the eleventh and twelfth grade students, entitled (Requirements of the Outstanding Student)

    15- He has the supervision of master's students outside the region.

    16- Member of the Scientific Committee of the College of Education in Akure from 2016 to 2019.

    17- Member of the Internship Committee in the college from 2016 to 2019.

    18- A member of the committees for granting scientific titles to college teachers from 2016 to 2019.

    19- A member of committees to evaluate and discuss many master's theses obtained from outside Iraq.

    20- He evaluated many master's theses and scientific research linguistically.

    21- Official of the Evening Examination Committee from 2016 to 2019.

    22- Responsible for the scientific committee for the master’s degree in the college for the year 2017.

    23- Official of the Social Committee and the Donations Fund in the College of Education from 2016 to 2019.

    24- Member of the College’s Master’s Examinations Committee for the year 2017.

    25- Participation in the symposium of the Faculty of Science and Education / Akre, entitled: - (The reality of the state of the Arabic language department in Akre, between reality and ambition).

    26- Participation in the symposium of the Faculty of Science and Education / Akre, entitled: - (The concept of forgiveness in Islam, Islam and the environment).

    27- He presented several seminars in various fields in the College of Education / Acre and others.

    28- He opened several human development courses (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for the educated elite of government and party cadres and university students.

    29- The role of Islamic law in confronting violence against women - a symposium held by Koya University under the slogan (Violence against women, causes and solutions) - 2023.

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