Communication and Advocacy Training
May 23, 2019, 4:01 p.m.

In the framework of its joint project with Goal Global, and supported by UNDP’s Iraq Crisis Response and Resilience Programme (ICRRP) with funding from the Government of Japan, CPCRS has conducted a 3-day workshop on Communication and Advocacy from 22-24 December 2018, at Summel Youth Center. 20 volunteers from Misureek twon, Summel District, have participated in this training (12 Males, 8 Females) of which 15 were from Host Community, four IDPs, and one refugee.  The training contents focused on active listening, reflecting and reframing in dialogue, working with difficult emotions; importance of advocacy initiative, components of advocacy initiatives and how to design and implement an advocacy initiative. 

The workshop has been facilitated by Mr. Adnan Yousif  Hussien  and Mr. Omed Mohamad Taher Muqdad, both are instructors at the UoD Department of Peace and Human Rights Studies.