Academic Staff

                                        Talaat Mohammad Azeez
Talaat Mohammad Azeez Coordinator of the department of kurdish language
(Stylistic) Kurdish literature
  • Degree of Master in Kurdish Literature...... (Style in Atta (Nahayee) Stories Zrika collection of stories as an example) .............College of Education at Salahaddin University-Erbil ..............

  • ١-theme in stories written by Hassan Jaff, the collection of stories titled The Tigris of Crime (Dijlai Tawan) as a case

    ٢-Description in Dilshad Kawani's novel (On The Way)

    ٣-Same sides in Latif Halmat poems

    ٤-Symbolic Gnosticism in Hoshang Sheikh Muhammad’s Medya Novel)

  • Teaching for 7 years، in many different stages، using teaching paths

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