Academic Staff

                                        Dindar Mustafa Saado
Dindar Mustafa Saado Department of Kurdish Language
Assistant Lecturer
Kurdish Literature
    1. BSc in Kurdish Language Department / 2011-2012/ Ladab College / Dohuk University / Iraq-Kurdistan.
    2. Msc in Kurdish Literature- Criticism / Department of the Kurdish Language / 27/11/2016/ College of Education/ University of Dohuk / Iraq-Kurdistan.

  • I have experience in teaching Kurdish literature, especially literary criticism, which I have been teaching at university for more than seven years. This is despite teaching other subjects that were not in my specialty. I am still teaching and a doctoral student.

  • Participation in local scientific conferences, scientific workshops, presenting seminars, conducting scientific panels and teaching seminars in the same panel and I was a member of the conference preparatory committee, panels, workshops and experience committee. I have had several journalistic interviews on different topics.

  •   07504424240

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