Academic Staff

                                        Waad Farj Ahmad
Waad Farj Ahmad English Department
Assistant Lecturer
Interpreting and Translation
    • MA Interpreting and Translation (English – Arabic) 2012, UCLan. Uni, UK.
    • BA Translation (English – Kurdish) 2008, Salahaddin Uni Erbil, Kurdistan.
    • Diploma in (Health Community) 1999, Technical Institute Health Dept. Erbil, Kurdistan.
    • Certificate of (General English IELTS Examination Course) 2011, UK.
    • Certificate of )CEFR – Level C1( 2011, UK.
    • Certificate of (TESOL) under the supervision of six British Teachers, 2011 UK.
    • Certificate of (Medium-Level Leadership at UOD) 2013, by DAAD the Germanic Org.
    • Certificate of (Garnet Publisher- UK) 2014, in a Teacher Training Course about how to teach Foundation English for University Students.
    • Certificate of (Methods of Teaching) 2015, at TDC – UOD.

  • 1- Linguistics , A- Inerpreting B- Traslation 

  • 1-    Translation (English VS Kurdish).

    2-    Communication Skills All Levels (especially 1st and 2nd).

    3-    History and Culture of English Language.

    4-    Scientific (Academic) Debate.

    5-    Advanced Conversation.

    6-    Pronunciation.

    7-    Morphology.

    8-    Composition.

    9-    Academic Writing.

    10- Foundation English for University Students.

  • Conference of (Translation and Interpreting) 2012, Salford Uni. Manchester, UK.

    International Conference of (Internationalization of Higher Education) 2012, UOD.

    International Conference of Akre Faculty 2014, Akre.

    Workshop of (Organizing and Unifying the Syllabuses for Colleges of Basic Education in Kurdistan Region) 2013, Erbil.

    Taken part in many seminars, various academic and scientific activities at university level.

  •   07504563035

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