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                                        Dr. Walat Abdulqader Hamdi
Dr. Walat Abdulqader Hamdi ____________________________
  • PhD in Nuclear (2022), Duhok University, Iraq

    MSc in Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactor (2013), Birmingham University, UK

    BSc in physics (2008), Duhok University, Iraq

    1. Determination of Radium and Radon Exhalation Rate as a Function of Soil Depth of Duhok Province - Iraq

    (in Journal of radiation research and applied sience 14 (1), 486-494)

    1. Estimation of indoor radon concentration and dose evaluation of radon and its progeny in selected dwellings in Duhok city, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

    (in International Journal of Radiation Research 20 (2), 461 -466)

    1. Impact of Noise Pollution on Arterial Systolic Blood Pressure, Diastolic Blood Pressure, Heart Pulse Rate and Blood Oxygen Saturation of Nurses in Duhok Hospitals

    (in Duhok University)

  • Research interest in Nuclear physics and radiation protection

  • 2008 - 2011 Duhok University: the given subject are; Electricity, Electronic, Mechanic and Modern Physics practically

    2013 - Up to Now Duhok University

    1. Physics department: Subject given: Radiation protection and safety, Nuclear Lab, Laser and Graduation project. Also, working in the Lab of Thermo dynamic, Electronic, Optics and supervision on student of fourth stage - graduation project

    1. Architecture department: Subject given: Physics for architect

    1. Survey department: Subject given: Physics for engineering

    1. Pharmacy department: Subject given: Biophysics

    1. Conference – Work Shop Names

    Medical Physics

    In Duhok University/ Iraq Active Participant (Poster about factors affecting gamma ray attenuation) 2015

    2. physics fair

    In Duhok University/ Iraq

    • Active Participant Poster about:
      1. Activity measurement of radioactive source by detector efficiency method and gamma-gamma coincidence.

    1. Biomedical, Engineering in northern Iraq Conference

    In THM University at Giessen, Germany Active Participant/ given presentation about Nuclear and Radiation 2016

    Biology Department

    1. Duhok University Biology Research Laboratories: Facilities and Applications
    • March 2022

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