Physics studies the fundamental forces of the universe in order to understand the nature of waves, particles and structure of matter. In physics, we use laws and concepts to explain different physical phenomena.

      The main objective of our department includes continuous improvement of teaching quality for both undergraduate and postgraduate students and develops scientific research in different areas of physics. We prepare our students for long life learning and teaching physics at the secondary, high schools. The graduates of our department will be able to teach physics using modern methods of teaching and they are also prepared for careers in industry, government and postgraduate work in different subfields of physics.


 Undergraduate Study

The Department of Physics offers a full time four years BSc in physics. The program is structured so that nearly all students take the same classes throughout the four years of study.


 Postgraduate Study

The Department offers postgraduate programs MSc (two years) and PhD (three years) with various options of specialization. Lectures for master degree students include a choice of basic and specialized topics. The latter are closely related to the research interests, and therefore MSc thesis topics. For PhD students, all lectures are closely related to the thesis topics.

Department’s Fields of Research

1-Nano Physics

2-Solid State Physics

3-Theoretical Physics


5-Plasma Physics

6-Image Processing

7-Material Science

8-Semiconductor Physics