Academic Staff

                                        Nirozh Kamil Ali
Nirozh Kamil Ali
Assistant Lecturer
quantum theory of solid state physics
    • 2013-2015  MSc Physics Department, College of Science, Duhok University, Iraq\ Kurdistan region.
    • 2008-2011  BSc    Physics Department, College of Science, Duhok University,  Iraq\ Kurdistan region
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    • My research interests to computational physics, study of properties of material Science, electronic research, experimental setup of physical application
    • participation to physics fair, work shop, summer school.

  • BSc Courses:

    Theoretical Physics

    • Analytical Mechanics
    • Modern physics
    • Academic debate

    Practical Physics:

    • Solid State physics
    • Optics
    • Electronic
    • Thermodynamics
    • Electrical measurement
    • Mechanics
    • Electricity
    • General physics
    • Modern physics

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