Academic Staff

                                        Dr. Delveen Ramdan Ibrahim
Dr. Delveen Ramdan Ibrahim
Microbiology and Microbial genetics
    • BSc in Biology (2003)/ Faculty of Science/ Biology Department/ University of Mosul/ Iraq
    • MSc in Microbiology (2006)/ Faculty of Science/ Biology Department/ University of Mosul/ Iraq
    • PhD in Microbiology and Microbial genetics (2017)/ Biosciences School/Food Science Department
    1. Delveen R. Ibrahim and Muhsin A. Essa. (2010): Sensitivity of Bacteria Isolated from Blood of Leukemia Patients Against Antibiotics and some Antineoplastic Drugs and the Bactericidal Activity of Leukemia Patients Serum. Rafidain J. Science.21.(2): 62-80.
    2. Waheed I. N., Ibrahim D. R. and Ameen A. A. M. (2011): Neural cell differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells isolated from human umbilical cord blood: In Vitro. Rafidain J. Science. 22.(4): 26-38.
    3. Najlaa K. Issa; Rihan S.Abd-Aljabar, Delveen R.Ibrahim (2012). Phytochemical and antibacterial investigation of some plant extracts. J. Duhok Univ. (Pure and Eng. Sciences). 15.(1): 153-158.
    4. Ibrahim, D.R., Dodd, C.E., Stekel, D.J., Ramsden, S.J. and Hobman, J.L., (2016). Multidrug resistant, extended spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL)-producing Escherichia coli isolated from a dairy farm. FEMS microbiology ecology,92(4), p.fiw013

    • Investigating the type antimicrobial resistance bacteria from different sources
    • Mobile genetic element and their relation to resistance genes Bacterial genome analysis
    • Developing new methods in identification and typing of bacteria that is cost effective and rapid

    • Lecturing in different practical subjects related to Biology such as:
      • Zoology
      • Cell biology
      • Microbiology
      • Histology
      • Immunology and Medical bacteriology.
    • Besides, Teaching theoretical Microbiology and general biology.

  • Supervising undergraduate students (research project)

    • I attended different courses and workshops in the university of Nottingham(UK) including the followings:

    1. Producing Charts in Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the 29/01/2013
    2. Essential information skills for new researchers 14/02/2013
    3. Endnote introduction for refencing and citing   26/02/2013
    4. Creating poster in power point 08/01/2014
    5. Demonstrating in laboratory practicals 24/01/2014
    6. Presentation skill for researchers 31/01/2014
    7. How to get your research published on the 19/03/2014
    8. Creating and Managing Long Documents in Microsoft Word on the 24/03/2014
    9. Making and assessment 07/11/2014
    10. Emergency first aid 12/11/2014
    11. Three days statistical course, Nottingham university, School of Bioscience, presented by prof. Rob Linforth. 2012
    12. Chromatographic methods for protein purification workshop.
    13. Microarray application workshop.


    •  I Passed a preparatory English course from the Centre for English language  preparation (CELE) Nottingham university/UK (WITH DISTINCTION) from (06/10/2011 to 29/06/2012). 


    • Conferences:


    • SfAM Activated Sludge Meeting "Control of water-borne disease: A century of the activated sludge sewage treatment process”. The Lancashire County Cricket Club, Manchester, UK on 1 and 2 April 2014, attendance.
    • 24th International ICFMH conference, FOOD MICRO 2014, Nantes, France. Poster presentation
    • The 2nd International Scientific Conference for Kurdistan students, Nottingham University, UK, 15th September 2014. Poster presentation.
    • 3rd International Symposium on the Environmental Dimension of Antibiotic Resistance which held in 17 May - 21 May 2015 – Wernigerode/Germany. My poster presented by Prof Christine Dodd.
    • Antibiotic resistance and Antibiotic alternatives conference by Euroscicon, 3rd of November 2015, O2 Peninsula Square London, United Kingdom. Poster presentation.
    • SfAM Postgraduate and Early Career Scientists (PECS) Research Conference, 13 October 2014, the Royal Society of Medicine, London. Oral presentation.
    • Antimicrobial Resistance Meeting by SFAM on 7 of December 2015 at Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London. Attendance.


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