Open discussion on medical studies
March 11, 2022, 4:31 p.m.

On 9 March 2022, an open discussion about medical studies was held by Mr Deldar Morad and Dr Burhan Zaman in the central library.

The seminar focused on the following points:

•  The topic of the study must be specific, not general
•  To uncover the idea of research we need to do the following steps
o  Reading the studies
o  Reading the systematic reviews
o  Finding the gap in the science
o  Focus on specific lines

•  The issues of general topic
o  General topics do not enable to cover all levels
o  Implementation of these studies is difficult and challenging
o  Presentation of the results is challenging and difficult
o  Analysis of these studies is difficult
o  These studies have a high rate of rejection in high-rank journals
o  Citation of these studies is not significant  
o   The exhaustion occurs to the student for the future studies

•  We mentioned some examples of general studies
•  The studies need hypotheses
•  The study designs are based on the objectives of the study

•  The writing of the articles must be performed as follows:
o  Results
o  Methods
o  Discussion and Introduction
o  Conclusions
o  Abstract

•  The difficulties of finding the sample must be considered before performing the study
•  The cooperation of the patients and related agents must be considered before writing the proposal
•  The Sage research methods could be used to find out the pathways of the methods (see the following: