April 11, 2022, 10:30 p.m.

The College of Nursing is committed to play an active role in fulfilling the community needs and thus aims at improving health services in Duhok. Its main goal is to train competent nurses with advanced medical and clinical knowledge and skills. The college also provides review courses and training for nurses who have already graduated. The nursing profession in the region has gained considerable importance with the advancements of medical sciences in general. The College of Nursing provides up-to-date education in both theoretical and practical fields of nursing. Students complete a bachelor's degree in four years. Practical training is implemented at the health care facilities of the Department of Health in Duhok.


The college has reviewed the curriculum courses of the other counterpart Colleges and designed a four year curriculum suitable with the nature of the nursing study and the requirements of the public health, nursing trade in the region with the consideration of the advancements the medical sciences in general and nursing in particular has achieved. The practical education will take place at the health care facilities of the Department of Health in Duhok Governorate.


Because of the shortages and defects in university nursing sector overall Duhok district, the strategic aim of the college is to graduate university nurses during the coming 5-10 years to cover most of the defects in the hospitals and medical centers in terms of nursing services. The other important strategic aim is preparing for establishment of a teaching staff with post graduate degrees to fulfill the teaching defects in the college for the next years.

The objectives

The objectives of the College of Nursing are to graduate university nurses that are well trained especially in the field of the nursing services in collaboration with the facilities of the teaching hospitals and medical centers to help in the running of different units in the health sector and community. 

The acquired experiences

During their four year study, Students acquire most of their knowledge and experience from the practical and clinical sessions that are managed by the physicians and specialized university nurses in addition to the theoretical information gained from lecture halls. The other important resource for the knowledge is the web access which is provided through a well equipped IT center in the college.

Practical use of courses

The courses and  curriculums of the College of Nursing are well designed in accordance to the courses and the curriculums of other nursing schools at universities of the region likethe Medical University of Hawler, and Sulaimaya University plus other universities of Iraq such as Mosul and Baghdad, in addition to some other universities in neighboring countries.

The courses and the curriculums are fulfilling most of the requirements of actual and society life in terms of medical and nursing services. The courses curriculums are subject to improvement periodically according to the actual needs of the locality.

Degree Certification

The College offers a four-year course of study leading to a Bachelors Degree in Nursing for undergraduate study.