Sleep severity and fatigue manifestations in relation to the doctorepatient relationship
April 28, 2019, 9:57 p.m.

The present study was conducted in a sample population of physicians in Duhok/Iraqi Kurdistan in order to examine explore and evaluate the impact of sleep severity and fatigue manifestations on doctor-patient relationships.

In this study, nearly half of the physicians (45.5%) were insomniacs. The doctors felt slight irritation in their communications with patients; had moderate dysphoria; had slight compliance in their communications, and slightly considered patients to be self-destructive. In addition, the study showed that general and physical fatigue, night shift-work, and increased working hours in the public sector were predictors for doctors finding their patient irritating. Similarly, increased working hours by clinicians in the public sector was a predictor for having less compliance in their relationships with patients. 

Conclusion: The present investigation suggests that insomnia has an indirect association with negative categories of the doctor-patient relationship