Inauguration of computer lab
May 12, 2022, 9:28 p.m.

Today (12/5/2022) the computer lab of the College of Nursing was inaugurated officially. The computer lab was funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and the AISPO agent. The main director of the Italian agency in Amman and the staff of the AISPO in Duhok participated in this ceremony. The vice presidents of the University of Duhok for the scientific affairs (Dr. Lokman Hadi) and administrative affairs (Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Salih) along with the dean of the College of Nursing (Dr. Zuhair Rushdy) and the directorate of the health of the Duhok governorate participated. The computer lab was equipped with modern computers. It is used for several purposes for undergraduate and postgraduate students and academic staff.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the staff of the Italian agency and AISPO presented a short overview of their activities in the Duhok governorate in terms of healthcare and nursing improvement. In the mentioned ceremony, the director of the Italian agency stressed his speech on their activities in the Middle East including Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan. Also, the general director of health and vice president of the University of Duhok presented their deep thanks to the projects and activities of the AISPO in the Duhok governorate.

We would like to present our deep thanks to the Italian Agency and AISPO agent for the implementation of the computer lab at the College of Nursing.