EndNote workshop

In 27/10/2022, an EndNote workshop was held at the computer room of the College of Nursing. The workshop was held to present the challenges of referencing by the postgraduate students and academic staff. In addition, the challenges of referencing based on academic journals were discussed in the workshop. The workshop was open to the staff and postgraduate students of the Colleges of medical sciences of the University of Duhok. Some staff and students of the colleges of nursing, medicine, and pharmacy participated in this workshop. The workshop was presented by Mr. Deldar Morad Abdulah, a lecturer at the College of Nursing.

Seminar of population, sampling, and publication
Feb. 7, 2022, 8:34 p.m.

In 7 Feb 2022, a research seminar was held at the College of Nursing. The seminar aimed to discuss the sampling and publication challenges in medical studies. The PhD stud…

COVID-19 vaccine awareness Activity
Feb. 6, 2022, 12:26 p.m.

In the first of February 2022, a number of the third and fourth stage students visited some colleges of the university to present the required information about the COVID-…

Workshop about: Core competency profile for the College Nurse: a proposal for a strategic innovation in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Feb. 6, 2022, 12:19 p.m.

Date and venue 3 February 2022, 8.30 am 2 pm - Cultural and Social Center, University of Duhok

The objective of the three-year project “Supporting the quality impro…

Annual Footballl Championship
Jan. 19, 2022, 9:24 p.m.

The annual mini-football tournament for students of the College of Nursing was opened for the year 2021-2022, in coordination and cooperation with the Dean of the College …

Annual Footballl Championship (2021-22)
Jan. 18, 2022, 11:25 a.m.

The annual football championship is held for the students of the College of Nursing Hajar Mukiryany Stadium in 18/1/2022 at 4 PM.

Common issues of writing in medical studies (Workshop)
Jan. 11, 2022, 10:33 p.m.

A workshop to discuss and examine the Common issues of writing research in medical studies is held at the seminar hall of the College of Nursing on 23 Jan 2022 at 9 AM. Th…

Flag Day (2021-22)
Dec. 16, 2021, 6:04 p.m.

In 16 December 2021, the Kurdistan flag day was held at the College of Nursing, University of Duhok. The ceremony was held with the dean of the college (Dr Zuhair Rushdy) and a number of staff and…

Acting dean
Dec. 14, 2021, 8:40 p.m.

In 14 December 2021, Dr Zuhair Rushdy Mustafa was appointed as acting dean of the College of Nursing. Dr Zuhair works as the dean of the college until a new dean will be elected by the presidency …

Clinical Skills Training Center
Dec. 8, 2021, 9:25 p.m.

On 8 December 2021, the council of the College of Nursing visited the "Clinical Skills Training Center" in Duhok city. This centre has been established in 2020 to improve the clinical ca…

Visit of Italian delegation
Dec. 2, 2021, 5:01 p.m.

On the first of December 2021, an Italian delegation visited the College of Nursing. The delegation visited the education halls, laboratories, and administrative units. Dr…