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                                        Saad Younis Saeed
Saad Younis Saeed Teaching staff
Assisstant Professor
  • 1- 2008, Iraqi Board (PhD) in Community Medicine, Iraqi Board for Medical Specializations (Collaboration between University of Baghdad and Iraqi Ministry of Health), Iraq.
    2- 1993, MSc in Community Medicine, University of Mosul, Iraq.
    3- 1988, MBChB (Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery), University of Mosul, Iraq.

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  • Epidemiology, Public Health, Medical Statistics

  • 1) Teaching community medicine/public health to undergraduate students
    2) Teaching community medicine/public health to postgraduate students
    3) Consultant biostatistician and supervisor of postgraduate students.

  • 1- Dr. Tariq Najeeb Al-Khafaf. Pediculosis capitis among primary school children in Mosul. Professional Diploma. 1995.
    2- Dr. Abdulla Jasim Rajab. Assessment of communicable disease surveillance systems in Dohuk. MSc. 2003.
    3- Dr. Beryvan Osman Rasheed. Knowledge, attitude, and practice of family planning in Dohuk. MSc. 2004.
    4- Dr. Ayoub Haasan Ali. Validity of Clinical Features in Peptic Ulcer. High Diploma. 2010.
    5- Dr. Farhad Ismail Shah Maternal Health Indicators in Duhok City. MSc. 2010.
    6- Dr. Wafa Salih Rushdi. Physical Activity among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes attending Duhok Diabetic Center: KAP study. MSc. 2010.
    7- Dr. Media Zirak Yonis. Silent Coronary Artery Disease in Type II Diabetes Mellitus. High Diploma. 2010.
    8- Dr. Shireen Muhsin Yahia. Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Mothers towards Oral Rehydration Solution in Duhok City. High Diploma. 2011.
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    15- Dr. Khadija Kamal Ahmed. Validity of hematuria in predicting the presence of urolithiasis in patients with acute flank pain. High Diploma. 2016.
    16- Dr. Esraa Said Ismail. The role of immunization and other risk factors in acute diarrhea among under five children at Heevi hospital, Duhok. High Diploma. 2016.
    17- Dr. Bakhtiyar Ahmed Rasheed. Behavioral factors in health problems among youths in the premarital screening center in Duhok city, Kurdistan region of Iraq. PhD. 2022.
    18- Musab Sideq Abduljabbar. Lifestyle behaviors of adults during the Covid-19 pandemic in Duhok city. MSc. 2022.

  • 1- Childhood Nutrition Workshop [UNICEF], Facilitator, Duhok, Iraq, December 15-16, 1997.
    2- Epidemiological Surveillance Workshop [WHO], Facilitator, Duhok, Iraq, September 7-13, 1997.
    3- First Scientific Conference of the University of Duhok, Research Provider, Duhok, Iraq, April 27-29, 1999.
    4- Health Management Workshop [WHO], Participant, Duhok, Iraq, December 10-12, 2001.
    5- Kurdistan Ministry of Health First Conference [Kurdistan Ministry of Health], Research Provider, Erbil, Iraq, September 18-20, 2001.
    6- Communicable Diseases Control Workshop [WHO], Facilitator, Duhok, Iraq, December 28-31, 2002.
    7- Upgrading Nursing Skills Workshop [DOH, Duhok], Facilitator, Duhok, Iraq, October 22-23, 2003.
    8- Community Organizing/Building for Health Course [University of Mississippi Medical Center, USA], Participant, Duhok, Iraq, April 29-30, 2004.
    9- Inter-country Coordination Meeting on Malaria [WHO and the Iraqi Ministry of Health], Participant, Aleppo, Syria, April 20-22, 2004.
    10- Conference on Health System Reform in Kurdistan Region [Kurdistan Ministry of Health], Participant, Duhok, Iraq, September 20-21, 2004.
    11- National Malaria Strategic Planning Meeting [WHO and the Iraqi Ministry of Health], Participant, Amman, Jordan, November 10-12, 2005.
    12- Family Medicine Course [the American Family Medicine Team], Lecturer, Duhok, Iraq, April 1-19, 2007.
    13- First Scientific Conference of the University of Hawler for Medical Sciences, Research Provider, Erbil, Iraq, April 26-28, 2008.
    14- Quality Assurance meetings at the University and Medical College of Duhok, Duhok, Iraq, 2010-2015.
    15- Continuous Academic Development meetings at the University and Medical College of Duhok, Duhok, Iraq, 2010-2015.
    16- The First Scientific Conference on Gynecology and Obstetrics. University of Duhok – College of Medicine; April, 27 – 28, 2016. Research contributor.
    17- Member of the Assessment (Examinations) Committee for the Integrated Teaching System, 2019-2021
    18- Member of the Accreditation Committee, Research domain, 2020 - 2021.
    19- Medical Education Online Workshop (phase II integrated system) presented by Kufa Medical Education Department, 18-6-2021.
    20- Accreditation of Medical Colleges Workshop, Duhok Conference Center, 6-1- 2022.
    21- Member of the PPDP (personal and professional program) Committee at Duhok College of Medicine, 2020- 2022.
    22- PPDP (personal and professional program) Workshop, 1st semester, 21-2-2022.
    23- Member of the Scientific Committee at Duhok College of Medicine, 2011- 2022.

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