Academic Staff

                                        Saad Younis Saeed
Saad Younis Saeed
Assisstant Professor
Community Medicine
  • 1- MB,ChB, College of Medicine, University of Mosul.
    2- MSc in Community Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Mosul (Thesis: Prognostic stratification of patients with acute myocardial infarction, 1993).

    3- FIBMS (Iraqi Board in Community Medicine), Iraqi Board for Medical Specializations, Baghdad (Thesis: Physical activity among the educational manpower in Duhok, 2007).

  • 1- Pediculosis capitis among primary school children in Mosul. Journal of University of
        Duhok [JUD] 1998; 1(1): 1-5.
    2- Underfive mortality in Duhok 1997. Journal of University of Duhok [JUD] I998; 1(2):
    3- Descriptive epidemiology of malaria in Duhok governorate from 1990- 997. Journal of
        University of Duhok [JUD] 1999; 2(3): 347-354.
    4- Registered mortality and cardiovascular mortality in Duhok province.  Zanco Journal
         for Medical Sciences 2001; 5 (special issue): 1-13.
    5- Supplementary feeding of malnourished children in Northern Iraq. Eastern
        Mediterranean Health Journal [EMHJ] 2004; 10 (1/2): 12-18.
    6- Family planning and unmet need among Iraqi Kurds. Eastern Mediterranean Health
        Journal [EMHJ] 2007; 13 (6): 1382-1391.
    7- An Epidemic of Cholera in Duhok 1999. Zanco Journal for Medical Sciences 2008
        (accepted for publication in the special issue for the 1st scientific conference of Erbil Medical University, 2008).
    8- Level of physical activity among teaching and support staff in the education sector in Dohuk, Iraq. Eastern
        Mediterranean Health Journal 2010; 16 (12): 1278-1284.
    9- Dental Infections: Clinical and Microbiological Evaluation of Responsiveness to Twice Daily
        Amoxicillin-Clavulanic Acid. Jordan Medical Journal 2010;44(3): 305-312.
    10- Knowledge, attitude and practice of mothers towards oral Rehydration therapy in Duhok. Isra Medical Journal (Pakistan) 2012; 4(3): 132-138.
    11- Premarital Perception on Obesity and Gestational Weight Gain. Accepted for publication in the special issue of DMJ for the first gynecology and obstetrics conference of Duhok
         College of Medicine, 2016.

  • Epidemiology, Statistics, Medical Research, University and Higher Education, Non-communicable Diseases, Malaria.

  • 1- Introduction to public health
    2- Nutrition
    3- Environmental health
    4- Medical statistics
    5- Medical sociology
    6- Occupational medicine
    7- Epidemiology
    8- Non-communicable diseases.

  • ماجستير ودبلوم ودبلوم عالي    
             طارق الخفاف   Pediculosis capitis in primary schools in Mosul    1997    الموصل
        عبد الله جاسم    Assessment  of epidemiological surveillance system in Duhok    2003    دهوك
        بريفان عثمان    KAP of family planning in Duhok    2004    دهوك
        فرهاد اسماعيل    Maternal health indicators in Duhok    2009    دهوك
        وفاء رشدي    KAP to physical activity among type 2 diabetics in Duhok    2009    دهوك
        أيوب حسن    Validity of clinical manifestations in diagnosis of peptic ulcer    2009    دهوك
        ميديا زيرك    Silent coronary heart disease among patients with type 2 diabetes    2010    دهوك
        شيرين محسن     Maternal KAP toward the oral rehydration solution     2011    دهوك
        سيروان شوكت     Epidemiological profile of scabies in Duhok    2011    دهوك
        فدوى سليمان     Premarital women’s perception of overweight/ obesity and gestational weight gain in Duhok    2014    دهوك
             خديجة كمال    Validity of Hematuria in Predicting the Presence of Urolithiasis in Patients with Acute Flank Pain    2016    دهوك
             اسراء سعيد    Immunization and other risk factors role in acute diarrhea among under five children atHeevi hospital, Duhok    2016    دهوك
                                                                       دكتوراه وبورد
           سيروان محمد     Community-oriented training module in improving communication skills among medical students    2013    دهوك
        مسعود عبدالكريم    Evaluation of A Supplementary Feeding Program Among Children in Amedi District of Duhok    2014    بورد كوردستاني طب مجتمع
            روناهي يونس    Clinical manifestations of women presenting to breast clinic in Azadi hospital    2015    بورد كوردستاني طب اسرة
             بشكوش سوار     Zinc deficiency in children with asthma    2015    بورد كوردستاني طب اسرة

    1- Childhood Nutrition Workshop [UNICEF], Facilitator, Duhok, Iraq, 15-16 Dec, 1997.
    2- Epidemiological Surveillance Workshop [WHO], Facilitator, Duhok, Iraq, 7-13 Sept,
    3- First Scientific Conference of the University of Duhok, Research Provider, Duhok,
        Iraq, 27-29 Apr, 1999.
    4- Health Management Workshop [WHO], Participant, Duhok, Iraq, 10-12 Dec, 2001.
    5- Kurdistan Ministry of Health First Conference [Kurdistan Ministry of Health], Research
        Provider, Erbil, Iraq, 18-20 Sept, 2001.
    6- Communicable Diseases Control Workshop [WHO], Facilitator, Duhok, Iraq, 28-31
        Dec, 2002.
    7- Upgrading Nursing Skills Workshop [DOH, Duhok], Facilitator, Duhok, Iraq,
        22-23 Oct, 2003.
    8- Community Organizing/Building for Health Course [University of Mississippi
        Medical Center, USA], Participant, Duhok, Iraq, 29-30 Apr, 2004.
    9- Inter-country Coordination Meeting on Malaria [WHO and the Iraqi Ministry of Health],
        Participant, Aleppo, Syria, 20-22 Apr, 2004.
    10- Conference on Health System Reform in Kurdistan Region [Kurdistan Ministry of
        Health], Participant, Duhok, Iraq, 20-21 Sept, 2004.
    11- National Malaria Strategic Planning Meeting [WHO and the Iraqi Ministry of Health],
        Participant, Amman, Jordan, 10-12 Nov, 2005.
    12- Family Medicine Course [the American Family Medicine Team], Lecturer, Duhok,  
        Iraq, 1-19 Apr, 2007.
    13- First Scientific Conference of the University of Hawler for Medical Sciences,
        Research Provider, Erbil, Iraq, 26-28 Apr, 2008.             

    14- First Gynecology and Obstetrics Conference of Duhok College of Medicine, Duhok, 2016.

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