Family and Community Medicine


We intend to build a model department capable of graduating doctors who can practice safe and effective family and community medicine through active participation with other departments.


As a department of family and community medicine, we aim at graduating junior and postgraduate doctors who have updated knowledge and expertise enabling them to practice safely in the fields of family medicine, community medicine and research activity.



The educational program is designed to acquaint the students with:

1-    The concept of epidemiology at the individual and community level.

2-    The principal concepts and practice of Primary Health Care and application of this strategy to the health system of Kurdistan Region.

3-    The principles and practice of effective and safe family medicine.

4-    Advancing the field of family medicine through population-based and primary care research.

5-    The epidemiological basis and preventive strategies of the newly emerging chronic non communicable diseases signaling the epidemiological transition.

6-    The managerial and leadership role in the health team.

7-    Expertise in managing environmental hazards.

8-    The fundamentals of behavioral and social sciences.

9-    The principles of medical statistics.