Academic Staff

                                        Jihan Mahmood Qasim
Jihan Mahmood Qasim
    • M.Sc., Hydraulic Engineering - 2012 - University of Sulaimani. Thesis Title: “Comparison of 1D HEC-RAS with 2D ADH for the Analysis of Trapezoidal Profile Weirs”.
    • B.Sc., Water Resources Engineering - 2007 - University of Duhok.
    1. Shaker A. Jalil, Sarhan A. Sarhan, Jihan M. Qasim, and Bshkoj S. Hussein (2019), Properties of Flow through and over Gravel Basket Weir, Journal of University of Babylon for Engineering Sciences, 27(3) pp. 127-136.
    2. Shaker A. Jalil, Sarhan A. Sarhan, Bshkoj S. Hussein, and Jihan M. Qasim (2019), Effect of Gravel Size and Weir Height on Flow Properties of Gabions, Journal of University of Babylon for Engineering Sciences, 27(2) pp. 214-222.
    3. Shaker A. Jalil, Sarhan A. Sarhan and Jihan M. Qasim (2018), Hydraulic Characteristics of Flow over and under Semi-Cylindrical Structure, Journal of Duhok University, 21(2) pp. 45-58.
    4. Shaker A. Jalil and Jihan M. Qasim (2016), Numerical Modelling of Flow over Single-Step Broad-Crested Weir Using FLOW-3D and HEC-RAS, PolyTechnic General Sciences Journal, Erbil Polytechnic University, 6(3) pp. 435-448.
    5. Jihan M. Qasim (2013), Laboratory and HEC-RAS Simulations of a Single-Step Weir, ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 8(12), pp. 1005-1011.
    6. Jowhar R. Mohammed and Jihan M. Qasim (2012), Comparison of One-Dimensional HEC-RAS with Two-Dimensional ADH for Flow over Trapezoidal Profile Weirs, Caspian Journal of Applied Sciences Research, 1(6), pp. 1-12.

    • Open-Channel Flow
    • Numerical Simulation
    • Closed-Conduit Flow
    • Hydraulic Structures

    • Analysis of Water Resources Systems 
    • Computer Application (MATLAB) 
    • Computer Programming Using Fortran 
    • Descriptive Geometry 
    • Engineering Analysis 
    • Numerical Methods 
    • Open Channel Hydraulics 
    • Water Resources Economy and Management 

  • Awards
    • Deputy Prime Minister Award, 2008.
    • Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Award, 2008.


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