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Water Resources Engineering
June 8, 2023, 12:32 a.m.

About the Department

Notice: The programs previously offered by the Water Resources Engineering Department has been combined with the programs of the Civil Engineering Department since 2020.

Water resources engineering is a broad discipline dedicated to addressing the water-related issues (e.g., water supply, water management, irrigation, water and wastewater treatment, etc.). The course provides an extensive study program in the application of modern techniques to understand the relationship between water resources systems and the environment. The graduated students from the water resources engineering department are prepared for several engineering related jobs that require knowledge of hydrology, fluid mechanics or water transport. Opportunities could be founded in agriculture, manufacturing, government and business. In common with civil engineers, the water resources engineering students also study general aspects of planning investigation, design and management of structures.


The mission in water resources engineering department is the contribution to the description, analysis and solution of problems in water systems and also caring out research for the benefit and development of the community. The department tries to exchange and cooperate with other universities and authorities in the country to develop the water sector. In addition, the graduates get the leadership qualities through teaching how to lead, problem solving, team work, quality considerations, and professionalism at work.


The water resources engineering department aspires to be a center for community based and practice-oriented teaching in the area of water resources engineering. The water resources department wants to play a major role in the development of the country through the work of dependable and dedicated professionals in the area. It is the strong conviction of the academic staff of the department to become a milestone for well-organized and developed engineering services that will bring practical changes in the service provision trends of the country

Head of the Department

                                        Sherwan M.Z. Izzaddin ALBRIFKANI
Sherwan M.Z. Izzaddin ALBRIFKANI Head of Water Resources Engineering Department
+964 750 458 9048


Notice: The department stopped accepting admissions to the programs since 2020, and the programs are combined with the Civil Engineering Department programs.

Undergraduate Programs (Discontinued)

The department of water resources engineering offers a master degree in Hydraulics and Hydrology. The duration of the master programs is two years. The student enrolls in a number of modules during the first year. The research and writing thesis should be conducted during the second year.

Postgraduate Programs

Now offered at the Civil Engineering Department