Academic Staff

                                        Sherzad Tahseen Tahir
Sherzad Tahseen Tahir
Alternative and Renewable Energy
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering /Graduate College / School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy/ Arizona State University/ Tempe-Arizona/United State of America / Academic Year; 2014-2019.
    • Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering /College of Engineering/ Boise State University/ Boise-Idaho/United State of America / Academic Year; 2010-2011.
    • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering / College of Engineering/ University of Mosul/ Mosul/Iraq/ Academic Year; 1993-1994.
    1. Modeling the Effect of Urbanization on Climate and Dust Generation Over Desert Cities

    • Environmental and dust generation related matters
    • Alternative and renewable energies  

    • Teaching Engineering Mechanics I & II (Dynamics) ME211, second year
    • Teaching Theory of Machine I & II ME311, third year.
    • Assisted Teaching Engineering Mechanics CE 101, first year
    • Assisted Teaching Academic Debate, CE11AD, first year.
    • Assisted Teaching Fluid Mechanics, CE 204, second year.


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