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                                        Abdullstar Haji sulaiman
Abdullstar Haji sulaiman Teaching Staff
Assistant Proffesor
Soil Conservation
  • Ph.D. student



    1. M.Sc. Thesis entitled “evaluation of some soil treatment for water harvesting in Duhok Governorate-Iraq Kurdistan region 23/9/2000.
    2. Surface soil treatment for runoff inducement in northern Iraq, Journal of Duhok University, Vol. 6 No. 2, 2003.
    3. Micro- catchments area for producing forestry trees. Journal of Duhok University, Vol. 9 No. 1, 2006.
    4. Estimate rainfall erosivity factor for some stations in Duhok governorate. Journal of Duhok University.
    5. Estimating of annual sediments of Duhok dam by using river turbidity water samples. Journal of Duhok University.
    6. Estimate soil erodibility factor and affecting it on soil development in some Duhok governorate locations Journal of Duhok University.
    7. Effect of special cloud rain in kashe industrial area on some chemical characteristics of soil(Duhok-Iraq).2012-2013 Magnt research report(Issn.1444.8939).
    8. Emirical formula for determining bench terracing in Duhok Governorate(Vol.17,No1,pp23-31,2014) Journal of Duhok University.
    9. Application of remote sensing techniques for designing small reservoirs in Duhok governorate(Journal of university of Duhok,Vol 17,No1,pp68-79,2014)
    10. Calculation of consumptive use of water for trees seedling using drip irriga tion system)Vol18,No,2015) Journal of Duhok University.
    11. Development of intensity duration frequency curve for Duhok province( Iraqi Kurdistan region). Journal of Duhok University Vol. 19,No.1,2016
    12. Development of probability diagram for an observed annual rainfall in (Duhok and Sartang-summel) iraq-kurdistan . By Abdulsattar Haji Sulaiman

  • Meteorology

  • conservation , erosion, meteorology

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