Soil and Water Sciences
April 16, 2023, 7:51 p.m.

The department of soil and water sciences was established in 2000 due to the need of the region for professionals in Soil and Water Sciences who are able to restore water resources in the Kurdistan region and protect them from harmful effects of toxins and pollutants. The department aims to provide students with knowledge related to Pedology (Soil genesis and classification, Soil survey, Soil morphology) and Edaphology (Soil chemistry, Soil physics, Soil microbiology, Soil conservation, Soil Reclamation, Soil fertility, and fertilization) in addition to mineralogy, soil management, and remote sensing in order to be able to understand the essential principles of Soil Science. 

The department has 36 academic staff holding M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees with different academic titles. It has laboratories of soil science fundamentals, soil physics, soil microbiology, Computer labs., and GIS.


The department of Soil and Water Science provides students with physical, chemical, biological, morphological, genesis, and survey information related to soil, water sciences, and plants. The department endeavors to educate students on the different ways to protect soil from erosion and deterioration; therefore, conserving soil fertility. By adopting the most convenient and efficient methods of irrigation systems and application of soil amendments, the department aims at restoring water resources in the Kurdistan region and protecting it from the harmful effects of toxins and pollutants.

The department offers a 4-years B.Sc. program in Soil and Water Science and a 2-years M.Sc. program. And nearly 4- years of Ph.D. programs. 

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                                        Zeravan Ariff Abdullah
Zeravan Ariff Abdullah Head of the department
Assistance Professor