Soil and Water Sciences
Sept. 26, 2016, 11:30 a.m.

History and the Current Status:

The Department of Soil and Water sciences was established in 2000 to provide professionals in the field of soil and water:

  • The B.Sc. program initiated in 2001.
  • A program for M.Sc. was initiated in 2007.
  • The average annual enrollment is about (30) students for the undergraduate and about (3) for the graduate level.
  • Since 1999 admission has been based on average of student marks of the baccalaureate.
  • The current enrolled number of students is about138.
  • The ratio of students to faculty staff is 9.25  .
  • The School follows the credit – hour system.


The Department of Soil and Water sciences aims at providing students with high quality education, research, and leadership development in soil and water  disciplines.


The department of Soil and Water sciences furnish students with necessary education to find solving for the  problems in the region and to make sound decisions concerning conservation  and protect soils from erosion and deterioration ,conserving soil fertility, adapting most convenient and efficient methods of irrigation systems, application of soil amendments, restore water resources in Kurdistan region.

Goals and Objectives:

The Department of soil and water sciences provides high quality education and research programs to enable students how to performance the physical, chemical and biological analysis for soil, plant and water. To use the water of irrigation in highest efficiencies of application, conveyance, storage and distribution .It also leads students  knowledge of application the soil amendments. Since Kurdistan is mostly a mountainous region, much emphasis is made in providing knowledge of soil and water conservation.

The Education Program:

The department of soil and water implements its goals and objectives through well balanced integration between education, research, and outreach activities. In order to facilitate achieving the mission of the dept., soil and water activities may be divided into several areas of interest.

  • Soil and water conservation.
  • Soil and water management.
  • Conserving soil fertility.
  • Encouraging ways of protection soils from erosion.
  • Adapting most convenient system of irrigation.

 Careers for Graduates:

The Soil and Water sciences department offers diverse areas of studies to prepare them for careers in public and private sectors. Careers include:

  • Ministry of agriculture /soil and water sector.
  • Ministry of irrigation and water resources.
  • Soil conservation projects.
  • Stations of agricultural researches  .
  • Agricultural consultant bureaus

Strategies for Development:

In order to enhance the performance of department staff, currently there are fifth staff members working on their postgraduate studies in European countries, mostly working on their Ph.D. degree.

A coherent and high quality curriculum has been developed to fulfill the intended purposes of student progression and achievement which lead directly to employment or prepare for graduate studies. The dept. also has greatly improved its teaching and learning facilities which boost the quality of education delivered to the students.

Soil &Water sciences staff members by rank:

  1. Assistant professor (5)
  2. Lecturer (5)
  3. Assistant lecturer (9)