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                                        Zeravan Arif abdullah
Zeravan Arif abdullah
soil management
  • MSc

  • Empirical formula for determining branch terraces spacing in Duhok Governorate

    Journal of University of Duhok., Vol. 17, No.1 (Agri. and Vet. Sciences), Pp 23-31, 2014

    Calculation of consumptive use of water for trees seedlings using drip irrigation system

    Journal of University of Duhok., Vol. 18, No.1 (Agri. and Vet. Sciences), Pp 19-27, 2015

    Aqua Crop Model Application for full Irrigation Maize Genotype production in semi-arid region, Duhok Iraqi Kurdistan

    has been accepted for publication in the ‘Journal of university of Duhok (Special issue of the 2nd Scientific Agricultural {conference). the above Article will be published in (JDU) Vol. 19, No.1. 2016


    Manufacture a local device for water automatically distribution using surge furrow irrigation

    1027 126 – 127 : ) 1 ( 2 Kufa Journal For Agricultural Sciences

    Research in Progress:

    Growth and Yield Assessment of two sorghum-sudangrass hybrids as Affected by Deficit Irrigation

  • Irrigation and water management

  • Irrigation and Drainage, Irrigation System, Hydrology, Soil management

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