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                                        Yousif Ali Abdulrahman
Yousif Ali Abdulrahman
Assist professor
Ornamental plant

    • PhD. Ornamental plants- turf grass. Horticulture Department, Duhok University.2004-2008.
    • M.SC Ornamental plants . Duhok University 1998-2001


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    1. Effect of wounding and different concentrations of IBA on rooting of hard wood cuttings of Plumbago capensis Accept for publication in Tikrit J.  Yousif. A. Abdulrahman, and Hada. S. Faizy
    1. Effect of shading on growth of different mixture for turf grass in Dohuk governorate. Journal of University of Duhok, Vol.15, No.1, Pp43-48, 2012 (Special Issue) The 1st Scientific Agricultural Conference, 10-12th April, 2012  Yousif A. Abdulrahman, and Mohamad. D. Al-Sawaf
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    1. Effect of organic media and seaweed extracts (seaweed - Fe) on the vegetative growth and flowering of Narcissus tazetta plant Khatini. Journal of zankoy sulaimani – part A. (JZS special issue, 2nd int. conference of agriculture science. P: 189 – 197. 2018.  Yousif Ali Abdulrahman and Ban J. Khoshaba


    1. Effect of wounding and growth media on the rooting of barberry (berberis vulgaris) hard wood cuttings. Accepted to publishing in journal of university of Kirkuk for agriculture sciences.  10 , No. 4, 2019.  Yousif Ali Abdulrahman


    1. Planning study for the reality of school gardens design in Duhok city (High schools as a case study). Accepted to publishing in journal of university of Duhok (vol. 22, no. 1, 2019).

  • Ornamental plants – landscape design – turf grass – physiology of ornamental plants - propagation

  • Ornamental plants, turf grasses. Floriculture plants, landscape design, general botany, principle of horticulture

    • Parween M.Sharif - High Diplma - School garden planning.
    • Berivan Sadiq Abdulah- Master- Horticulture – ornamental plants.
    • Ban G. Khushaba - Master- Horticulture – ornamental
    • Jihad Yousif Hasan - Master- Horticulture – ornamental plants.

    • Supervisor of (20) projects of under graduate students.
    • Defending sessions of ( 21) postgraduate students
    • Proposals discussions of (5) postgraduate students
    • Supervisor of more than (10) summer training for under graduate students.

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