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                                        Reyzan Ali Hussein
Reyzan Ali Hussein Teaching Staff
Meat Science

    • BSc. Animal Production- College of Agriculture
    • MSc. Animal Histology- Biology Department- College of Education- University of Zakho
    • Ph.D. Meat Science- Animal Production, Welfare and Veterinary Science- Harper Adams University- UK


    1. Gorgees, N. S., Al-Habbib, O.A.M., and Hussein, R. A. (2013). (The Protective Role of Certain Antioxidants (Vitamins C, E and Omega-3) Against Aluminum Chloride Induced Histological Changes in the Liver and Kidney of Female Albino Rats (Rattus Rattus Norvegicus).Journal of University of Zakho. A(2):591-603.
    2. Zebari, H.M.H., Buti, E.T.S., Hamo, R.A.H. (2013). Some blood biochemical parameters of meriz does during different physiological status. Scientific Journal of Animal Science. 2(7): 190-194.
    3. Alkass, J.E., Merkhan, K.Y., Hamo, R.A.H. (2013). Placental traits and their relation with birth weight in Meriz and Black goats. Scientific Journal of Animal Science. 2(6): 168-172
    4. Reyzan Hamo (2019). Enhancing the eating quality of concentrated fed lambs. PhD Thesis, Harper Adams Univrsity, UK.

    • Meat Science
    • Meat technology
    • Animal Nutrition and Animal Physiology

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