Animal Production
Jan. 24, 2016, 10:49 a.m.

The department of Animal Production provides opportunities for students in multi-disciplinary research and study based on major disciplines to broaden their understanding of animal production projects and agriculture and enhance their awareness of the local environment.
The staff of this department includes 36 teaching staff members (1 professor, 3 assistant professors, 5 lecturers and 27 assistant lecturers). Several projects are managed and directed by this important school like the animal production project established in 1994 having the capacity of breeding 30 cows and about 500 goats and sheep. Poultry production project as well was established in 1994 and including 12000 poultries. The project of fish production was established in 1998-1999 by FAO having 6 breeding pools (4 pools of 60 X 40 m2, 2 pools of 50 X 25 m2) and having the capacity of breeding about 10000 fish.