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                                        Sleman Said  Mohammed
Sleman Said Mohammed
Poultry nutrition
  • 2001-2005   B.Sc.  Dept. of Animal Production, College of        Agriculture, University of Duhok , Duhok, Iraq.

    2008-2010   M.Sc. Dept. of Animal Production, College of Agriculture, University of Duhok, Duhok, Iraq.

    2012-2015 PhD. Dept. of Animal science, School of environmental and rural science, University of New England- NSW-Australia

  • Sleman Said Beski, Araz Omer Bamerny and Raad Osman Rammadhan Shamdeen. 2011. Effects of road transportation on some hematobiochemical and biochemical parameters of broiler chickens. J. Duhok Univ. 14: NO.1 (Agri. and Vet. Sciences) pp 52-56.

    S.S.M Beski and S.Y.T. AL-Sardary. 2015. Effects of dietary supplementation of probiotic and symbiotic on broiler chickens hematology and intestinal integrity. International journal of poultry science, 14: 31-36

    Sleman S.M. Beski, Robert A. Swick, Paul A. Iji. 2015. Specialised protein products in broiler chicken nutrition: A review. Animal nutrition, 1: 47-53

    S.S.M.Beski and P.A.Iji . 2015. Effect of a processed soy protein on growth and gut physiology of broiler chickens. Journal of Applied Animal Nutrition, 3: 1-10

    S.S.M.Beski, R.A.Swick and P.A.Iji. 2015. Subsequent growth performance and digestive physiology of broilers fed diets containing spray-dried porcine plasma. British Poultry Science, 56: 559-568

    S.S.M.Beski, R.A.Swick and P.A.Iji.2015. The effect of the concentration and feeding duration of spray-dried plasma protein on growth performance, digestive enzyme activities, nutrient digestibility, and intestinal mucosal development of broiler chickens. Animal Production Science (In Press)

    S.S.M.Beski, R.A.Swick and P.A.Iji. Effect of dietary inclusion of spray-dried porcine plasma on performance, physiological and immunological response of broiler chickens challenged with Salmonella sofia. Animal physiology and animal nutrition. (In press)

    Chen Olnood, Sleman Beski, Mingan Choct and Paul Iji 2015. Novel probiotics: Their effects on growth performance, gut development, microbial community and activity of broiler chickens. Animal nutrition, 1: 184-191.


    Chen Olnood, Sleman Beski, Mingan Choct and Paul Iji.2015.Delivery routes for probiotics: Effects on bird performance, intestinal morphology and gut microflora. Animal nutrition, 1: 192-202.


    Chen Olnood, Sleman Beski, Mingan Choct and Paul Iji. 2015. Use of L. johnsonii in broilers challenged with Salmonella sofia. Animal nutrition, 1: 203-221

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