Academic Staff

                                        Tariq Ibrahim Fannoush
Tariq Ibrahim Fannoush None
  • 2002 M.A. in Translation , Mosul University , Iraq.


  • 1. The Impact of Culture on Learning English as a Second Language.
    2.Difficulties of Translating Discourse Markers.
    3.Investigating the Techniques and Strategies Used by EFL University
    Teachers of “Comprehension” in Giving the Meanings of New Vocabulary.
    4.Investigating University Students’ Attitudes towards Instructors’ Use of Translation in EFL Classes.

  • 1.Translation.
    2. Discourse Analysis.
    3. Culture and Pragmatics.

  • Teaching the following:
    1.Reading and Writing.
    2. Listening and Speaking.

  • 1.Vesal International Conference Participation 2022,2016.
    2.Attending a workshop in the French - Lebanese university on translation studies , 2022.

  •   0750 737 3106

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