Oct. 10, 2019, 12:24 p.m.

Department of Translation, College of Languages, University of Duhok

  1. Mission statement

Translation Department strives to offer internationally recognized undergraduate/ postgraduate programs in English Language and Translation. The programs basically try to foster in BA, MA, and PHD students an interest in theories of translation, approaches to translation, types of translation, and interpretation. These programs incorporate courses in linguistics and modern English literature. They also develop student's language (both native and foreign), critical thinking, critical analysis, and academic research skills.

  1. Vision

To ensure the graduation of competent translators and interpreters that contribute to the intellectual development of the society, the enhancement of intercultural communication, and meeting the needs of the labor market in aspects pertaining to foreign language issues.

III. Goals and Objectives

Upon completing the designed courses, the graduates will be able to do the following:

1- Bridge the gap between their native cultures and foreign cultures.

2- Master the basic academic skills needed in doing communicative, semantic, journalistic, literary, scientific, at sight, consecutive, etc. translation and interpretation.

3- Get acquainted with different concepts related to the levels of linguistic analysis of modern English language.

4- Develop their spoken and written language skills as well as translation and interpretation skills and techniques.

5- Conduct researches that meet the academic standards.

Syllabus of the Department of Translation, College of Languages, University of Duhok / 2019-2020

Head of Translation Department