Academic Staff

                                        Samir H. Muhyadeen
Samir H. Muhyadeen Vice Dean of the College of Spatial Planning
Assistant Lecturer
Medical Physics
  • MSc in Medical Physics, San Diego State University, United States.

    BSc in Physics, University of Duhok, Iraq.

  • Outdoor Air Contaminants-Heavy Metals and Associated Health Risks in Duhok-Iraq

    Classification of Glioblastoma Multiforme Molecular Subtypes Using Three-Dimensional Multi-Modal MR Imaging Features

  • Radiobiology, Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging Techniques, Radiation Oncology, Three-Dimensional Multi-Modal MR Imaging Features for non-invasive diagnosis, radiation protection, Air contamination.

  • Medical Physics

    General Physics

    Facilitation and Presentation Techniques


    Academic debate


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