American Corner

My Experience in the U.S.A.
Sept. 19, 2021, 11:51 a.m.



The American Corner-Duhok hosted two IYLEP alumni via online Zoom sessions to get to know more information about the U.S. sponsored cultural exchange program, and learn about the history, culture, and values of the American people.


On September 9, 2021, ACD hosted Dr. Zahraa Mahdi Razuqi, a graduate of UoD who is currently a resident doctor working in Erbil. And on September 16, 2021, ACD hosted Alan Bangeen Mohammed Rashid, an undergraduate student studying at the College of Engineering, UoD.


Topics that were discussed in the two sessions included:


- An overview of IYLEP.
- How cultural exchange programs teach valuable lessons.
- What surprised the alumni most about the U.S.?
- Misconceptions and stereotypes about the U.S.
- Customs and traditions of people in the U.S.
- The importance of networking.
- What kind of impact has IYLEP made on the alumni?
- How the alumni apply what they learned in the U.S. to improve their local communities.