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About eLibrary USA
June 24, 2016, 12:52 p.m.

elibrayUSA:  digital library 

 elibrary USA is a digital library with online access to million of publication, scholarly journals, eBooks, audio video, and other multi-media content. This digital library is targeted towards audiences looking to do research, like high school and university students, teachers, professors and journalists, among others. It  gives visitors of the American corners around  the world access to information that American find at their public libraries .

Databases available in elibraryUSA 

elibraryUSA offers members of American spaces access to 40 recourses for all ages .the databases  are :- BUSINESS & ENTREPRENEURSHIP, ARTS & CULTURE, FOREIGN POLICY, ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNING, AND SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY.To subscribe for a free individual elibraryUSA account please fill the form  below, scan it and forward it to American  Corner  Email