American Corner

Implemented program which is called (ACD) English Club

American Corner-Duhok, hosted the first lecture of its newly implemented program which is called ACD English Club. The lecture was held on the 30th of June 2019. The event was presented by ACD volunteers:


  1. Sara Maher Daoud (An undergraduate student from UoD-Dept. of Translation)
  2. Narin Umar (An undergraduate student from UoD-Dept. of Translation)
  3. Ranya Badir Ahmed (A graduate from UoZ-Dept. of English)
  4. Hava Omar (A graduate from UoD-Dept. of English)


The speakers explained a little bit of grammar concerning the “present simple tense”, and then later on worked with the students on some exercises. The second hour included role playing to encourage the participants to speak English, which they did enthusiastically, thanks to the assistance of the instructors. 


This program is one of the Corner’s goals to promote the English language, and was met with great interests by the participants who want to improve their English to get better jobs, do standardized tests, or hopefully consider studying in the United States.