American Corner

Digital Historical Modeling
June 24, 2019, 9:52 p.m.

American Corner-Duhok, hosted a virtual seminar entitled Digital Historical Modeling, on June 17th 2019. The event was presented by Dr. James Coltrain, a historian and Prof. the University of Nebraska. During the session, the speaker talked about the strategies and challenges in 3D Preservation. The session is part of the Virtual Visiting American Program which is sponsored by the U.S. embassy in Baghdad and implemented by IREX.


The participants learned about the strategies currently used in the field of 3D modeling. The strategies range from methods used in data collection, storage, to models display, and engagement with the public. The participants also learned about the challenges facing those working in the field. Those difficulties range from availability of cloud storage, and the reliability of public and private 3D modeling platforms.