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July 6, 2020, 10:47 p.m.

Everyday psychosocial health with COVID-19

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, everyday life changed for many: people can no longer work, as usual, children have to stay at home, older relatives should no longer be visited. This change makes people unsure and triggers fears and worries. The social distance to friends, relatives or colleagues can also be a burden. In the corona crisis, it is therefore important to take care of your own mental health in the new everyday life.

We would like to support you in this. On this platform, you will find information and tips about everyday life with COVID-19. 

Take care of your mental balance and stay healthy!

A new everyday life - daily schedule, media and work

The coronavirus changes our everyday life. Familiar routines and procedures have to be constantly adapted to the current situation, in private life as well as at work. Good planning and mindfulness for yourself and for others help here. A large amount of information about Corona has also become part of our everyday life. They require healthy and conscious handling of the media. The emergence of new communities in the neighbourhood or community can be seen as an opportunity in the crisis.


Family and relationships

The corona crisis also brings with it many changes and challenges for living together. Parents are required to find new childcare and employment opportunities for their children. The children's fears and worries must be absorbed. The lack of space and the prohibition of contact with the grandparents can lead to bad mood and disputes within the family. The care for family members in need of care often has to be reorganized. In the coming weeks, it will be particularly important to keep an eye on your own needs and those of others. This enables us to treat each other with respect.


Study at home

Learning is always complex. The current situation brings additional challenges because now children have to learn at home and parents have to take on the role of tutors. Two questions are essential when studying at home: HOW can I prepare and organize learning at home for my children? WHERE can I find material with which my children can learn?


Stay mentally healthy

The current situation is very difficult for many people. Uncertainty about the development of the situation and the restrictions in many areas of life can trigger feelings such as helplessness or fear. Perhaps you have been sleeping poorly since the outbreak of the crisis, are more emotional than before or feel lonely. Here we want to give you information and tips on how to deal with such and other psychological stresses. For all information and tips that you can find here, everyone is in a different situation and reacts differently. Some things will not fit for you and your situation or will not be feasible. Take a look through the information and find out what you want and can try out for yourself.


Additional information for refugees, migrants

Are you new to Germany? Are you still unsure of how things are going here in Germany and speak little German? Are you confused by the information because there are too many and you do not know which one to believe? Here you will find information about the current situation with Corona in different languages. This information is particularly useful for refugees and migrants.