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July 6, 2020, 10:52 p.m.

How to study at home?

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Basically, when studying at home: do not imitate school at all! Experts and teachers advise this. A fixed daily or weekly schedule is also the basis for success when learning. But you don't have to study the same number of hours as in school. This is what a teacher who is a member of a teacher union says. It gives specific tips on the question of when and which activities for learning should be carried out.

Learning materials

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The internet and digital media offer a lot of additional learning material. The advantage here is that children can also learn with videos and audios. Videos and audios for learning can be found on learning platforms and various websites. 

First steps to regular operationFirst steps to regular operation













A gradual return to "normalcy" affects many groups of people. These are pupils, parents, teachers - especially teachers who are part of the so-called risk group, but also students, for example. Depending on their specific situation, they have very different questions. 


 How do I get back to 'normal' instruction in regular schools?

 What are the findings on so-called homeschooling?

The first findings and figures for learning at home are already available. 

  • Which age group learns how many hours a day?
  • Which age group is better suited to studying at home?
  • How do students assess learning at home?
  • What are the differences between students, e.g. B. with care or concerns?

My children can hardly learn at home - what are the options?

Many families or single parents with whom the children are currently staying at home have two challenges: First, the questions often arise: How do I combine work with childcare? How can I help my child learn? Second, there is often the problem that children cannot study at home because they lack a computer or the Internet. This problem is not an isolated case and affects many children and families. 

What solutions are there for this?

Although there are many concepts and individual projects, a social disadvantage when learning at home remains a challenge for many. This is also pointed out by the Baden-Württemberg Welfare Association.

Who answers my questions when I study?