Workshop about Genocide
April 11, 2021, 11:29 a.m.

Today, on Sunday May. 5 2019, Center for Genocide Studies conducted a workshop named (Genocide as Academic and Scientific Subject) for one week.


The Manager of Ceneter for Genocide Studies - UoD said about this Workshop that one of our projects is to deal with those who survived genocides and to write academic and scientific researches about them so it i simportant to conduct this workshop for a group of students who are divided into two groups; one of them will work on Yazidi Genocide and the other one will work on Anfal. And how to collect information about these genocides and turning them into research as part of ourCenter's Work.

The Center manager added, this workshop lasted for on seven days and it will discuss some subjects such as dealing with survivors and how to interview them and also how to deal with children who were rescued from ISIS especially in perspective of law by group of specilaists in these subject.