About Us
May 29, 2022, 2:27 a.m.

Center for Genocide Studies - University of Duhok was established in 2018. The Center focuses on the scientific and academic study of genocides occurred in the world and especially in Kurdistan Region of Iraq which the researchers of the center conducts interviews with the survivors academically.

Goals and Functions

1- This Center focuses on genocides and mass-killings happened to the Kurds in history and it will attempt to gather every evidence related to Kurdish genocides. And it will conduct theoritical, scientific and academic researches and studies which their results will be published and shed light on these mass-killings in conferences.
2- The Center conducts interviews with the survivors of Anfal Operations and Sinjar Genocide through recording, writting and documenting the information of their experience by academic methods. And this will an important part of Center's work so researches would be able to use these informations in future researches.
3- The Center compares the process of Anfal and Sinjar Genocides with other genocides especially Armanian Genocide and the Jews Holocust to get beneift from their scientific and political experience especially regarding to statehood process.
4- The Center conducts its annual scientific conference about genocide which researchers and scholars have the chance to participate to discuss and compare the genocides happened with Kurdish people and genocides happened with other nations.
5- Collection and protection of the Iraqi documents related to Anfal Policy and the Genocides of the Kurdish people.
6- Collection of all books, journals, newspapres, movies and records related to Kurdish genocide for the puropse of estbalishing a library so the students and researchers get benifit for researches.
7- Print, publish and translation documentation and researches related to genocide.
8- The Center offers help to the govermnet and its institutions by writting special researches Kurdish genocide processes.
9- The Center attempts to make genocide a permenant subject in colleges and departments of politics, sociology, law, history, psychology and in the education system of the university.
10- The Center works with colleges and departments of politics, sociology, law, history and psychology. and the Center attempts these colleges and departemnts provide support and become factors of the work of this Center.
11- The Center encourages and supports students and researches to write their master and doctorial researches about Anfal and Sinjar genocides in different perspectives.
12- Creation of an official website for the genocides happened with the Kurds especially Sinjar genocide and Anfal Operations in Kurdish, Arabic and English languages for the purpose of publishing rsearches and documinatations so foreign researches and readers can access to researches and information about Kurdish genocide.