Nobodys Listening Virtual Reality
Sept. 16, 2021, 11:31 p.m.

Today, on Thursday 16/9/2021, Center for Genocide Studies-UoD in coordination with International Organization for Migration, Yazda Organization, Digital Cultural Heritage Center-Polytechnique University Suleimani, Nahrainnet and with financial support of USAID conducted the second part of “Nobody’s Listening Virtual Reality” In the presence of the Governor of Duhok Prof. Dr. Ali Tatar, the President of Duhok Governorate Council Fahim Abdulla, the President of University of Duhok Assist. prof. Dr. Dawood Sulaiman, and the representatives of domestic and international Organizations. After the opening ceremony speeches of Coordinator of Center for Genocide Studies, Governor of Duhok, President of UoD, the director of Center Genocide Studies and the representatives of organizations, a video was presented about the results of the first part of the project which was held in March of this year and participated by the staff of Genocide Studies and 15 students of Public Policy Department, after that, a panel which was moderated by Assistant Researcher Saman Omar and joined by a group of researchers and activists.