Strengthening Social Solidarity through Establishing Cooperatives
يونيو 10, 2019, 3:47 م

The volunteers of the center designed an initiative titled "Strengthening Social Solidarity through Establishing Cooperatives". This initiative was a combination of (livelihood and social cohesion). Firstly, a 2-day training has been conducted for the applicants at one of Sumel Dairy Factory. This training aimed at building the capacities of the applicants in making dairy products, packaging and successfully run a dairy market. Six families out of 23 applicants have participated in this training (3 HC, 2 IDP, and 1 refugee). Then, UoD & GOAL representatives in consultation with the trainer of the dairy training have selected a refugee family to run a dairy market which has been prepared and equipped for this purpose. The selection process relied on several criteria set by UoD and GOAL among them: willingness to continue running this business; number of members of the family; amount of monthly income of the families; performance at the dairy training; and willingness to cooperate with other families who participated in the training. The aim of this initiative was to bring several Host Community, IDPs and Refugees families together to have a dairy business in order to support the livelihood of the involved families and to strength social cohesion between them. On 19 March 2019, the dairy market has opened in Musireek.

The initiative is one of nine youth initiatives implemented within the UoD and GOAL Global joint project titled “Area Based Recovery Approach Project in Miserere” supported by UNDP’s Iraq Crisis Response and Resilience Programme (ICRRP) with funding from the Government of Japan. UoD jointly with GOAL have adopted community engagement method in selecting these community initiatives through assuring community participation from Misureek. All community initiatives were selected in consultation with GOAL's two community groups: Coordination Committee, and Local Advisory Group, in consultation with UNDP staff. The “Area Based Recovery Approach Project in Misureek” project implemented in Misureek town, Summel District from 5th of December 2018 through 20th of March 2019.