Rehabilitation of Musireek’s Public Park Initiative
مايو 30, 2019, 4:23 م

This community initiative aimed at rehabilitating the existed abandoned public park of Musireek town by conducting a repairing campaign and planting trees in the park in order to be a gathering area for all people of Musireek from different categories, Host Community, IDPs, and Refugees. The park was renovated by a group of volunteers from the various categories, who worked for three weeks on this work. IDPs and refugees, along with the members of the host community, helped to restore life to this park for use by all of them. The opening ceremony of this park took place on 18 February 2019. 65 people have attended this ceremony (49 Males, 16 Females), (55 Host Community, 5 IDPs, and 5 Refugees). Among those people who attended this ceremony were the head of Musireek’s Municipality and some representatives from Musireek’s local government Institutions, community leaders, GOAL coordination committee and volunteers, in addition to representative from UoD and GOAL.

The initiative is one of nine youth initiatives implemented within the UoD and GOAL Global joint project titled “Area Based Recovery Approach Project in Misureek” supported by UNDP’s Iraq Crisis Response and Resilience Programme (ICRRP) with funding from the Government of Japan. UoD jointly with GOAL have adopted community engagement method in selecting these community initiatives through assuring community participation from Misureek. All community initiatives were selected in consultation with GOAL's two community groups: Coordination Committee, and Local Advisory Group, in consultation with UNDP staff. The “Area Based Recovery Approach Project in Misureek” project implemented in Misureek town, Summel District from 5th of December 2018 through 20th of March 2019.