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Call for papers 

1stInternational Scientific Conference – Besikci Center for Humanity Studies (BCHS), 2017 is going to be held during April 19-20, 2017 at Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan Region. The conference has sessions covering key political, economic, geopolitics, and geostrategic issues affecting the upcoming events in Kurdistan. The conference is coordinated by university of Duhok and will be organized by BCHS.

After the emergence of the so-called the state of Islamic Caliphate, and control over the wide land between Iraq and Syria, the balance of power have changed between the warring forces in Syrian (Locally and regionally), as well as The rules of the political game have changed between superpowers (United States and Russia), 

One of the main active forces in this conflict are the Kurds, which struggled vigorously and stood firmly in the face of the power of the Islamic State, and they have proved their merits as an effective forces within this conflict, but the means of formation of power and maintaining it, make a balance between self-unity internally in one side, and confront regional powers in another side, at the present and in the near future after the demise of ISIS are still ambiguous. 

The main aim of the conference is to bring together academics, leading scientists, government officials, policy makers, and politicians whose work is related to politics, geography, geopolitics, Geostrategic, to discuses and exchange information on latest events on the Middle East and their affects on Kurdistan . Areas of interest include (but are not confined to):


  1. Geopolitics of Kurdistan 
  2. Borders issues
  3. Kurdistan and state-building
  4. Manage and development the Resources in Kurdistan 
  5. Demographics and ethnicity issues 
  6. Kurdistan and oil
  7. Kurdish Politics 
  8. Kurdish-Kurdish Relations
  9. Kurdish-Regional Relations
  10. Kurdistan in international politics
  11. The Kurdish Identity and Future Challenges 
  12. Society of Kurdistan
  13. The role of Media in Kurdish politics 
  14. Kurdish national character (Peshmarga)
  15. Language and identify


All the above mentioned issues will be the pivotal fields in discussion, and are among the themes to be tackled within the framework of the political and security events in Middle East and its repercussions on the Kurdish issue.

The conference aims also to put up realistic perspectives, interests and concerns prevalent about the reality and future of Kurds within conflict raging in the Middle East, hoping to engage in inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary discussions that will add to our understanding valuable information about the political situation of Kurds in present and future within the political scene who has faced and is expected to face dramatic changes.

Our hope is to provide a leading forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Kurdish Issue in Middle East and its relation to ISIS

Prospective authors are invited to submit original research abstracts or full papers which were not/ are not / and have not been submitted/published/under consideration in other conferences and journals.We welcome papers based on original research in politics, we also encourage submission of abstracts derived from papers in other disciplines, including history, geography, sociology, and economics as it mentioned above. 

All submissions will be peer reviewed and shall pass the double blind paper review first in order to be presented in the conference, acceptance/rejections is based on their relevance to the conference topics. Notification on acceptance/rejections will be tackled according to the time table fixed in important dates item, all abstracts/papers should conform to the required format and be uploaded on the website.

We look forward to seeing you in Duhok in April2017!

Target Audience


  • Political characters
  • Scientists
  • Professors
  • Researchers
  • Faculty members
  • Students



The following presentation formats will be possible at the conference:


  • Oral presentation
  • Poster presentation


Please follow the instructions which are included in the poster template below:

Poster Template 

Language of presentation

The language presentations in conference are (Kurdish,Arabic,and English). 


The program of BCHS-2017 conference is well designed by the conference committee which includes plenary lectures, Keynote lectures, oral sessions, poster sessions and symposia/workshops, in the presence and participation of political figures, scientists and researchers from around the world.

All accepted papers will be published at special issue in the journal of Duhok University

Click here to download the participation form:


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