Pathology and Microbiology
Jan. 29, 2023, 12:37 p.m.


Head of Department
Dr. Sherzad Ibrahim Mustafa
E-mail :
Tel : 009647504819380

Innovation in the field of Veterinary Medicine in accordance with international standards and leadership in veterinary education and scientific research. We are experienced in the development of livestock animals in different species (e.g. ruminants, poultry) and Pet animals, also ensuring animal health through clean environment.

Department Mission:

Our mission is to teach the fundamental concepts regarding Veterinary Science to students across the programme in order to strengthen their theoretical and practical knowledge and prepare for their future career in the respected field.

This programme includes a comprehensive and diverse curriculum consisting of in-person lessons, practical implementation, and internships for undergraduate students. During the first year, students learn Cell and Molecular Biology, Scientific debate, Kurdology, Computer and Internet, Chemistry, English, and Animal management and Behaviour. During the second year, students learn Biochemistry, Genetics and Biotechnology. For the third year, basic concepts of diseases materials like Pathology, Microbiology, Parasitological, Nutrition and Immunology are taught. For the fourth year, more specific Poultry diseases with their management are taught. For the final year, subjects as Food hygiene, Animal hygiene, Fish diseases, Forensic medicine and Post Mortem Anatomy are taught.

Our department is also open for postgraduate students wishing to pursue a master or doctorate in the field.

Our department always seeks to enhance the development of vocabulary, modernization of subjects, upgrading of the level of theoretical and practical teaching, and providing the latest developments of books and scientific journals and laboratory equipment.